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PPL(A) - Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Program offers flight training from the first lesson until the student is ready to apply for an EASA Private Pilot Licence.

Training consists of a 10 weeks evening ground theory course and a minimum of 45 hours flight training which the student can do simultaneously.

ATPL(A) - Airline Transport Pilot Licence Course

ATPL(A) theoretical course is 650 hours of instructor led classroom instructions and is received through class room instruction, based in Iceland. Other means of obtaining ATPL(A) Theoretical Course is available through other partners.

Commercial Pilot Program

The Commercial Pilot Program offers flight training from the first lesson until the student is ready to apply for a JAA frozen ATPL. The course has a modular approach, which means that each part is completed individually. The total program will take on average about 20 months and the student has an option of taking breaks between the individual parts if he/she desires.

The course layout is normally as follows:

• PPL theory and practical training

• ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Course

• Hour building and Night Rating done while student attends ATPL Theoretical Course

• Multi-engine Class Rating (MEP)

• Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

• Instrument rating (IR)

• Multi Crew Co-operation Course (MCC)

The course includes:

• 170 hours single-engine flying time

• 26 hours multi-engine flying time

• 40 hours FNPT II flight instruction

• PPL and ATPL theory

• MCC Course

• All training material

Individual offers can be made based on each student´s needs.

CPL(A) - Commercial Pilot Licence

CPL(A) Commercial Pilot Licence coonsists of 25 hours of flight instructions, there of 5 hours ALSIM FNPT II, 10 hours SEP(A) and 10 hours MEP(A) instruction. This can be reduced by 10 hours, if student has received Basic Instrument Instruction Certificate according to JAR FCL 1.

MEP(A) - Multi-engine Class Rating

MEP(A) Multi engine class rating course (6 hours of flight instructions and 7 hours of theoretical course).

IR(A) - Instrument Rating

Instrument rating (IR) consists of 40 hours ALSIM FNTP II instructions and 15 hours of MEP(A) flight instructions.

MCC - Multi Crew Co-operation Course

MCC - Multi Crew Co-operation Course consists of 20 hours of theoretical course (5 days) and 20 hours (5 days) of MCC practical training in a generic medium jet based on the Airbus 319 (ALSIM ALX FNPT II MCC).

JOC - Jet Orientation Course

The aim of this course is to provide training for qualified CPL (A) / IR (A) licence holders to a standard where their knowledge and skill of jet airliner handling and operation will be that of airline entry level. This course can be tailored to meet specific operational procedures for airlines that require it.

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